An Open Letter To All The Keyboard Warriors | Books, Tea and a Onesie

An Open Letter To All The Keyboard Warriors

Hey, here’s a slightly more serious post in a different style to usual. Let me know your thoughts on the topic! Oh, and if you want to read more of my thoughts on social media, check out this post!

An Open Letter To All The Keyboard Warriors | Books, Tea and a Onesie

Dear Keyboard Warriors,

You piss me off. Sorry, I don’t normally swear on this blog, but I’m feeling really flippin’ angry right now. You’re everywhere – Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, even, sadly, WordPress.

Sometimes, you’re just trolls – that’s better, I reckon, as everyone knows you’re just doing it to be annoying. It’s when you’re legitimately horrible and unreasonable that it gets me. When you’re bashing out your baseless accusations and pounding your illogical hatred into words, do you ever stop and consider how the person on the receiving end of your torrent of abuse will feel when (if) they read it? I understand that if the person in question is a mega celebrity, it’s much more likely to be a case of if rather than when, but you never know. I even don’t mind if you have a reason for saying what you’re saying, or are giving your opinion after being asked, or are politely disagreeing. But if you’re completely overruling someone else, forcing your opinions down other people’s throats, or being rude, then sorry but I have no respect whatsoever for what you’re saying. The way you’ve said it completely negates your opinion.

That said, I do have a lot more respect for somebody who, say, says something kinda mean, but then realises the effect their opinions has had, and apologises. Bonus points if you’re new to the online community and didn’t know how to approach it! That in itself takes guts, and slightly restores my faith in humanity – mistakes don’t matter, so long as you realise you’ve made them and learn from them (that is, as my trumpet teacher says, so long as they aren’t fatal).

So here’s my final message to the keyboard warriors out there: before you press post or publish or reply or whatever button applies to you, think. Are you handling this right? Does it really need to be said? How’s the other person going to feel, whether they actually read it or not? After all, the whole idea of say something nice or don’t say anything at all isn’t one of the most well known cliches for no reason.


An Overthinking Teenager

On a kinda similar but much happier note, I saw something that made me very happy on Facebook – Sprinkle of Glitter posted about a lovely letter she had received from a superfan who hadn’t been able to get tickets for Louise Live. Someone then commented saying that they couldn’t go anymore and would like to sell this ticket to the girl in question. A bunch of people then helped find the girl, by finding her Tumblr and Twitter and replying to the comment to keep it at the top. Most of all, no one faked being that girl to try and get the ticket, and I think the original ticket holder decided to just give the girl the ticket for free. HOW LOVELY IS THAT, PEOPLE?!?


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