An Outburst of Bloggily Love (Yes, I Just Made Up That Adverb) (That Is An Adverb, Right?)

An Outburst ofย Bloggily Love

Blogging is officially awesome, I’ve decided. Why? The people. What’s brought this on? Well, you may have noticed that in my post yesterday, I mentioned HOW INCREDIBLE WOULD A WORDPRESS/BLOGGING MESSENGER APP BE??? (Think Facebook Messenger for bloggers). Anyway, earlier this evening I had a brainwave – why don’t we set up a group chat on Twitter? I suggested this and Elm immediately responded sounding VERY EXCITED, so I decided to go ahead with it.

Between us, we then cheekily added an absolute ton of bloggers, so we now have an absolutely crazy chat with 36 people on. Not even all of them have started chatting yet, and it dissolved into madness REALLY quickly! Topics of discussion included ways to get around a lack of wifi at Hogwarts (I actually so have to write a fanfiction for everything we came up with), Twitter accounts about why cats are sad, and thoughts on the new WordPress app update (thoughts, by the way? I’m not sure…I like the reader I think, but it’s gonna take a bit of getting used to!). I’ve now discovered so many other bloggers and it was just so fun to chat to tons of people at high speed, with random streams of consciousness (sorry, very intelligent discussion. Yeah, about that…maybe not!), without having to moderate comments or faff about with WordPress or whatever.

My point is, chatting to other bloggers is SO. MUCH. FUN, and everybody seems SO NICE. I LOVE YOU GUYS! (In a non-creepy way, considering I don’t even know any of you personally, promise). So yeah. This is an outburst of love for blogging. Are you a blogger on Twitter? Comment your Twitter handle on here or chuck me a tweet (@booksteaonesie), and we’ll add you! Just a warning, though: be prepared for endless craziness and a heck of a lot of notifications! (Turn your phone onto silent, I implore you).

See you on Twitter!



20 thoughts on “An Outburst of Bloggily Love (Yes, I Just Made Up That Adverb) (That Is An Adverb, Right?)

  1. Fiona says:

    (Also, skype is really good for group chats too, and chat rooms like tinychat. Tinychat is good because only people that are online + in the chat room at the time have notifications)


  2. aribebop says:

    I think this is a fab idea. I love this post!! Agree with bloggily love. I feel the same. I have just got a Twitter account, don’t quite get it yet but will get my dad to give ne a quick tutorial and then I will send u my Twitter details. Bye Ari ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š


  3. Elm says:

    How’s the madness now? I’m scared xD I’ll re-emerge into the chat again tomorrow, I promise! Don’t go too wild without me! xD Love you guys so much.


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