An Exciting Announcement: Blog Olympics 2015!

bLOG olympics 2015    1 - 7 july Hello! I’m back! Hello? I’m that blogger…the kinda flaky one…I’ve been on Twitter a bit lately…oh yes, that’s me. Hiya! There we go, reacquainted again. Sorry, sorry, sorry, I’ve been super-duper busy lately, which is why Armchair BEA was sadly never completed, and the reason why I’ve kinda disappeared off of the WordPress planet lately. I have internal exams starting on Wednesday, and I had three before half term at the end of May, so I’ve been revising pretty much flat out (in between charity runs, parties and barbecues, of course). Anyway, as some keen Twitter users may know, I’ve teamed up with Emily of Always Opinionated Girl to organise the inaugural Blog Olympics! I originally floated the idea on Twitter, Emily had some great ideas and asked about co-hosting, and the idea’s just kinda grown from there. Now, I hear you (and you’re definitely not the first to ask) what the heck actually is a blog olympics? Well, the plan is for it to include giveaways (oooohhh!), competitions (oooooohhhhh), blog discussions (oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh) and Twitter chats (ooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)! We’ve already secured some awesome prizes for you guys (seriously, I am MEGA jealous), including Rainbow Rowell and Fangirl goodies, SIX books from Sally Green, a book from CATHY CASSIDY and a ton of other free books – why don’t you go and stalk our Twitter accounts (links below) and try and figure out the rest of the wonderful people donating prizes? Blog Olympics 2015 is set to run from Wednesday 1st July – Tuesday 7th July – we would really love for you to join, so go and sign up here. The Olympics will be a chance to win cool prizes, meet new bloggers and hopefully have a ton of fun, so please do consider joining – the more the merrier! Also, if you’re interested in donating anything as a prize (literally anything postable…within reason…), have any questions or have any ideas/special requests for events, either stick a comment onto this post, tweet or Direct Message us @blogolympics, or email us at We’d love to hear your thoughts! You can also follow/get in contact with each of us individually on Twitter – I’m @booksteaonesie, and Emily’s @opinionful. If you want to, you can also come chat to me on Instagram at @booksteaonesie. You can also join in the general conversation on Twitter with #blogolympics, tag any WordPress posts with ‘Blog Olympics’ and feel free to reblog this post to get the message out there! Do comment and let me know you’ve signed up, and keep an eye out for a similar intro post on Emily’s blog, possibly featuring even more prize-related information… Now, who’s excited?!?



28 thoughts on “An Exciting Announcement: Blog Olympics 2015!

  1. Appletaile says:

    AAH SO EXCITED!! I’m all signed up now. 🙂
    Good luck on your exams – I’ve just finished my own week of them. Please, don’t stress yourself out over blogging!


  2. Elly @ A Hufflepuff's Thoughts says:

    EEEP! I’m so excited about this!
    Unfortunately I probably won’t be able to participate until at least the Friday of that week as I will be in Paris for the other part and don’t know if I’ll have wifi 😟
    Anyway, good luck with organising it and have fun!

    Elly xx


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