Half Term Hols

Hello! Yes, I am alive, despite my last post being nearly a week ago…oopsy-daisy. Anyway, I thought I would give you quick update on what’s being going on in my overthinking life lately…

  • Last Tuesday my dad returned from a two-day business trip to Cologne, bringing with him a bounty of gifts, namely a massive bar of Milka chocolate, a ‘travel size’ bag of Haribo gummy bears, and some cherry boiled sweets in a cool tin. Yum!

  • I broke up from school last Thursday, after an early exam day involving Maths Paper 1, Physics and English Language. The fun never stops…to make things even worse, there was a fully intact dead bird outside the science block all morning! We did, however, being on study leave, get to leave school at lunch (I felt like such a rebel) and go to get ice lollies (Rockets, to be precise) as the weather was sooo good. Add in some Hula Hoops and Haribo, and you get a very hyped-up teenager sitting her English Language exam…
  • On the Friday I went to my local county show – for those who are unfamiliar with the idea of a county show, it’s basically a massive agricultural fair thing, which has also involved to include a fairground, plenty of shopping opportunities and food stalls. I had a really nice smoothie with a discount because one of my friend’s aunt ran the stall, had an amazing wood-fired pizza (and a brilliant burger for brunch because why not) and met aforementioned friend with smoothie connections and another friend as well as seeing various people from school, which was all good fun.
  • Over the bank holiday weekend, I went with my dad (and later my sister as well) to a festival a couple of hours away, which Doctor and the Medics (think ‘Spirit In The Sky’) and Status Quo were headlining. That was seriously fun, but I’ll save all the juicy detail for the festival post sat in my drafts folder as I type…
  • After returning from said festival on Bank Holiday Monday, it was straight into the shower (there weren’t any at the campsite) and then into town after a quick lunch, to meet up for a coffee (or more accurately, a smoothie) with a primary school friend who I haven’t spoken to in person for about four years. It was arranged over Facebook (the joys of social media!) and although I was nervous it could be awkward, the conversation actually flowed for a good couple of hours, and then I walked home with her, which was nice! It was good to chat to an estranged friend again, and in person rather than over Facebook 🙂
  • Yesterday was ma biiiirttthhhdayyyyy! (woop woop, I’m a grown up now ;))

    CAKE!!! Have a slice…if there’s any left… source: YouTube, via Giphy.com

I got some really cool presents, including a mason jar glass which my dad really doesn’t get the point of (as featured on my Instagram), a guide to beating procrastination (likely to be featured on my Insta in the near future), a posh portable hangman game, chocolate!, a pair of earrings I picked out at the county show (I’m getting my ears pierced tomorrow!), a cushion and funky sign from my best friend (which I actually got the day school broke up) and a matching coaster from my parents (for all the mugs I secrete on my desk), the Pitch Perfect 2 soundtrack AND, the big one, as featured on my Instagram, a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 instant camera in black! I love it and have already taken 6 photos (although one isn’t really developing properly)…it’s so difficult not to photograph literally everything!

  • I also reached 100 Instagram followers, so thanks to everyone who follows me over there!

  • Today I met up with a couple of my jazz orchestra friends, and we went to an amaaaazing burger place, Hubbox, for lunch. Said restaurant was seriously photogenic, and the source of many of my new Polaroid-style pictures…we also went shopping, and I bought stationery for a friend’s birthday in Wilkinson’s and a bunch of clothes in New Look – a funky pink kimono-jackety-thing, a super pretty black strappy top with lacy detailing bits along the bottom and an awesome, bright Aztec-print pencil skirt. None of it (except maybe the top) is really the kind of stuff I normally wear, but I love it and thought that if I love it, surely it should be the kind of clothes I am wearing? Anyway, I managed to spend the New Look voucher I got for my birthday, some other birthday money and some of my own money, so that’s all good!
*endless heart-eyed emoji* IT'S SO PRETTY! And watching it develop is incredible...

*endless heart-eyed emoji* IT’S SO PRETTY! And watching it develop is incredible…

  • Now, looking into the future…tomorrow I’m taking the plunge and getting my ears pierced (!) – I already have three pairs of earrings (aforementioned pretty flowery ones, some dangly owls my sister randomly bought me and some pretty frosted blue dangly droplets I got as a present a while ago), so I can’t wait to be able to wear them all, after the 6-week period is up! Have you got your ears pierced, or have any plans to get them done?
  • On Saturday I have another friend’s birthday party, which should be fun, and then in the evening I’m doing a 5k charity neon run (or hobble) with my dad in aid of a local cancer charity. Expect photos!

What’s been up with you lately? I’m hoping to become a bit more present in the blogging world, so look out for more posts and comments from me!

Thanks for reading 🙂



3 thoughts on “Half Term Hols

  1. thewritinghufflepuff says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 😀 You got some awesome presents! ^-^ I’ve been eyeing the fujifilm instax mini 8 for a while now, but I’ve heard that the photo paper you print the photos on is really expensive :/ Is that true? That’s been holding me back haha. I’m glad you’re enjoying it so much! 🙂


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