I Had An Awesome Day!

Today was such an awesome day – or at least, the afternoon was. It was my best friend’s birthday party, which normally would be cool enough, but this particular friend always has amazing birthday parties, and this year was no different – Zizzi’s restaurant for pizza, followed by seeing Pitch Perfect 2!!! It feels like so long since I first heard about PP2, and back then 15th of May seemed like an endlessly long time until it was released – but time has flown by, and it was SO worth the wait! One of my friends reckoned it wasn’t as good as the first one, but I really liked it – they each follow quite different storylines- the first is more generally about acapella and the Barden Bellas as a whole, and the second is more goal-centric. The MUSIC though! I’ve compiled a Spotify playlist called ‘Aca-Awesome!’ of the soundtracks for both movies (oddly enough, the soundtrack for the second one seemed to have been released before the film, at least here in the UK – maybe it was released earlier elsewhere in the world? Any Americans know?), and have literally been listening to that for ages, as well as reading an article about the similarities between acapella in the Pitch Perfect world and in real life, and binge watching Mike Tompkins acapella covers on YouTube – he does a really good Taylor Swift/Bastille mashup, and a cover of Nicki Minaj’s ‘Starships’ in collaboration with random people around the world and none other than the Pitch Perfect cast themselves! Ah, such aca-perfection…I’ve actually asked for the soundtrack for my birthday in a just over a week, and with any luck will get to go see it for a second time with my mum and sister. Yay!

Zizzi’s was also great – the pizza is incredible, and despite the fact we were a group of seven teenagers with no adults, the staff were really friendly, and brought out a candle in the birthday girl’s ice cream, starting off a round of ‘Happy Birthday’! I remember them being the same when we went for the same girl’s birthday last year, which is really nice – I’ve been to Yo! Sushi with a few friends before, and we weren’t treated anywhere near as nicely – they were a bit snotty, as though they didn’t trust us to pay or something.

As well as the pizza, the Tuscan potatoes that accompanied it were brilliant, and the desserts were phenomenal. I had a chocolate, praline and sea salt torte with mascarpone gelato (or something like that), accompanied by these caramel-y decorative wafers – ย I think they were caramelised ginger maybe, they tasted like those Lotus biscuits you get from the hairdresser? Or is that just me? I nicked a bit of the birthday girl’s pomegranate gelato too, which was delish.

My friend really liked her presents too, which was nice, although it was quite funny – she turned to me and said “OK, just to let you know, when I give you your birthday present – I swear I wasn’t copying you, I’ve had it bought for weeks, it’s just really similar to this!”. I shall certainly be interested to discover what my present is…

How’s your Saturday been? Have you ever been to Zizzi’s, and if so, what were your thoughts on it? And probably most importantly, has anyone already seen Pitch Perfect 2, or has plans to?

As always, thanks for reading!


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11 thoughts on “I Had An Awesome Day!

  1. justkinga says:

    I saw Pitch Perfect 2 yesterday and I loved it even better than the first one! It was so amazing! I can’t wait to watch the original version (in English), because I could only watch it in Hungarian in the cinema, but it was still very hilarious. Best movie ever ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. Appletaile says:

    THIS MAKES ME SO HUNGRY. Argh. ๐Ÿ˜› (I have a bit of a personal vendetta against Yo Sushi myself… I just feel like it’s quite expensive for not-amazing food or service. :/ There are lots of cheaper and better sushi places!)
    Anyway, I’m going to see PP2 this afternoon with my friend and you’ve made me so excited! It sounds like you had a great time. ๐Ÿ™‚


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