End-of-the-Week Wrap-Up vol.#9 & An Exciting Announcement

weekly wrap up

Hello! I’m back! Read on for the ninth installment of my weekly wrap ups, and a bonus exciting announcement…

*EXCITING THINGS KLAXON!!!* Source: vulture.com

On The Blog

So, what’s been happening here at Books, Tea and a Onesie lately? Well, I’ve been absent for a couple (2.5ish) weeks, but this week heralded my BIG RETURN. aka, when I got off my butt and got back to work.

  • 8 days ago (but it still counts because I’m such a rebel like that) I reblogged this post, ‘Why I’m Not Sorry’, from Look Through My Lens. This post is all about not apologising for the fabulous human beings we are – go be a bit more fabulous and read it!
  • I posted my Reasons To Be Happy #4 and #5, about just enjoying the music and the sense of preliminary happiness when you know the end of something bad (in this case my Spanish GCSE oral) is in sight.
  • I posted an official ‘return to blogging’ post, feat. obligatory Jim Moriarty gifs. You’re welcome.
  • My reader survey was released unto the world, accompanied by desperate pleas for you to complete it. PLEASE COMPLETE IT!!! (You don’t even have to say nice things!)
  • And obviously this post!

Elsewhere On The Internet

  • I reached 95 Instagram followers – if you’re not following me already over there, help me get up to triple figures! (Who knows, you may even get a shoutout…)
  • Speaking of Instagram, here’s some pictures I shared…

And technically from before this week, but whatevs…

Reading and General Bookishness

I’ve finished Ian McEwan’s Enduring Love which I’ve been reading for school and am currently reading a book I was sent to review (!) (All shall be revealed soon), but other than that, I’ve not really read many books lately. Despite the fact I’ve not been blogging much myself, I have enjoyed reading other blogs, for example you may have seen me tweet about Caitlin’s brilliant idea for a series of posts by teenagers sharing their stories, due to take place in the summer. I highly recommend you find a bit more out about it, especially if you’re a teenager, by following the link above! I also liked this list of good musical covers on Discovery Notes, this thought-provoking post by Michelle of the aforementioned Look Through My Lens, discussing the current profusion of YouTuber book deals (Seriously, do the good posts ever stop coming from there?), Shay’s highly relatable list of current musical favourites, Z’s even more relatable GCSE Geography controlled assessment woes (Seriously, that thing takes over your life, like it or not), this beautiful and touching piece about how time truly does heal wounds if only we give it long enough at A Beautiful Disaster and Abbey’s outfit choice and review of Banks’ ‘And I Drove You Crazy’ – I haven’t actually heard this, but I definitely want to check it out now!

My (Possibly Not So Wonderful) Life

I feel like I’ve been super busy lately, mostly because of Camp NaNoWriMo, but also because I spent the last week or so before Thursday finishing prepping my first of three GCSE Spanish oral presentations and then memorising it. I actually spent so long speaking it aloud on Bank Holiday Monday that I ended up with a sore throat! Luckily it appears to have all been worth it, as I got some really good feedback. Yay! I also had a school concert, which went really well and where I got to play first trumpet I think for the first time in a concert (woop woop!) and played in a concert with my jazz band. That concert didn’t go quite so well – it was a church, so a very loud, echoey and difficult acoustic to play in, and without our main lead trumpet due to a big local walking thing, the trumpet section decided a few times that this stonkingly obvious silent patch? Nah, we don’t need to come in. Rests are underrated, we should let them have more opportunities in the limelight. Add to this a very good but extended solo meaning we missed the last four lines of one piece, it was certainly eventful! Still fun though, especially the white chocolate and lemon birthday cake from a friend who had recently turned 16. Yum! In Combined Cadet Force on Friday, despite being in the RAF, we appeared to take a leaf out of the Navy section’s book and did raft building and water polo, boys vs girls (though we did have a token boy to make up the numbers!). I’m proud to announce the girls won, and got a prize of two big bags of Haribo (Tangfastics and Starmix, if you were wondering), helped largely in part by the fact the boys’ raft fell apart practically before it even got in the swimming pool. Whoops! Oh, and a while ago now and not really in my life, but the new princess, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana I believe, was born! And it was the UK General Election (shock result or what?!) and the 70th anniversary of VE (Victory in Europe) Day. Hooray for British patriotism! Oh, and is it just me, or is it that as soon as the UK election coverage begins, the rest of the world ceases to exist? This coverage went on for over TWELVE HOURS, PEOPLE! The 10 o’clock news didn’t happen or anything! And then the morning local news was just about who had been elected in local constituencies…

ROYAL BABY EXCITEMENT!!! Seriously, you should have seen the news…                                                                                                    Source mediaite.tumblr.com via Giphy.com

Now, About That Exciting News I Promised You…

Right, so having been inspired by various articles I’ve read, some of the results from my aforementioned reader survey and Caitlin’s (also aforementioned) bloggy projecty-fun-thingy, I’ve decided to launch something myself. I don’t know how well this is going to work, but I really need YOUR help to help me make it work.

So…what are you going on about? i hear you ask impatiently. Well…essentially, I want to create my own hashtag on Twitter, Instagram and to a certain extent WordPress, for my Reasons To Be Happy project. The idea is, everyone posts what makes them happy using #BTOReasonsToBeHappy (BTO stands for Books, Tea and a Onesie, not Bacon, Tomatoes and Onions, just in case anyone was confused) and then I’ll share on the blog/retweet/regram some of my favourites. It will hopefully provide you with an instant resource to cheer you up if you feel down, and will be a fun way to share some of our favourite things and possibly try and appreciate the little things a bit more. To participate, simply tweet or Instagram with #BTOReasonsToBeHappy and if possible tag me (@booksteaonesie on Twitter, @booksteaanda_onesie on Instagram) and I’ll share my favourites! To participate on WordPress, either comment on my Reasons To Be Happy page or create your own post, and tag it with BTOReasonsToBeHappy. I’m hoping to get as many contributions as possible, and if I get enough will hopefully do a round up post of some of them in the near future. There is, however, no time limit – this is an open-ended project! Please do get involved, as I would love to hear from you – even if it’s just by leaving a comment on this post.

I look forward to seeing your contributions! (hint, hint) Also, what does everyone make of the result from the UK general election? Thoughts on the new royal baby? Your favourite posts from the past week? Stick it all down in the comments! 🙂


9 thoughts on “End-of-the-Week Wrap-Up vol.#9 & An Exciting Announcement

  1. Daisy says:

    Hey, I did a post based around your reasons to be happy tag over on my blog! (www.ladybugsandpugs.wordpress.com) I think it’s a brilliant idea. Hats off to you for coming up with it! XD


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