End-of-the-Week Wrap Up vol.#8

weekly wrap up

Hola, amigos! After a bit of an absence, me (and my weekly wrap up!) are BACK! Over the past week or so I’ve not posted much, as I’ve been focusing on Camp NaNoWriMo or just not motivated, but hopefully things will pick up again soon. As I didn’t do a wrap up last week, this post will pick out the highlights from the last couple of weeks.

On The Blog:

In the last fortnight I’ve:



  • created a new ‘Reasons To Be Happy‘ feature, inspired by author Katrina Kittle’s book and blog: you can see my entries so far here, here and here, and feel free to add your personal reasons to be happy – I’d love to read them!
  • I did a REALLY REALLY EXCITING THING a.k.a interviewing one of my favourite singers, Lauren Aquilina
  • Tracklisting Tuesday happened, this time talking about Ella Eyre’s new single, ‘Together’

I’ve also been mentioned on Katrina Kittle’s Facebook page (scroll down until you get to the 10th of April)! Lots of exciting things happening around here…

Elsewhere On The Internet:

On Instagram:

I posted this after seeing Pete Long’s orchestra play an evening of ‘Echoes of Ellington’ as part of a trip organised by my jazz orchestra. It was great, except for when he said to leave the low notes for girls…he’s coming to our residential in October, so I suspect my friends and I will have a bone to pick with him!

Naturally, my Lauren Aquilina interview had to be mentioned.

My first (and only!) Creme Egg of the year was an occasion worthy of commemoration!


In terms of books, I’ve started reading Ian McEwan’s Enduring Love for English at school, Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan, and multiple fun books such as Jill Mansell’s Making Your Mind Up and Falling For You, as well as Katie Fforde’s Wedding Season. I also picked up Dodie Smith’s I Capture The Castle from the charity shop. In terms of blogs, Holly shared some awesome lyric art from Walk The Moon’s song Anna Sun, Lana shared her thoughts on fanfiction, Lux Lisbon’s Get Some Scars EP was reviewed over at moustacheyousomething, Aimee gave out some tips for writing book reviews, Michelle set out some post-exam blogging goals, Ari said thank you for 30 followers (and totally described how I feel when I reach a milestone) and Kayleigh gave us all a little update!

Lots of things have been happening in my life lately; all weekend it’s been my jazz orchestra’s 40th anniversary celebrations, which consisted of a gig, a masterclass with some alumni, the aforementioned Pete Long concert and an American supper/concert from bands past and present, all of which has been really good fun. I also returned from my Easter holiday back to school on Tuesday (:(). Also: I GET MY BRACES OFF ON WEDNESDAY!!! Oh, and I got a funky new duvet set which I love and some awesome socks, which kinda match! Oh, and guess what clever old me managed to do today? Burn my chin with roast chicken soup! Ouch…

How has your week(/fortnight) been?


11 thoughts on “End-of-the-Week Wrap Up vol.#8

  1. aribebop says:

    Hiya. I love your blog so much that I am nominating you for the real neat blog award, cause your r AWESOME!! 😊😊. The rules and questions are on my blog at aribebop.wordpress.com. 💜


    • An Overthinking Teenager says:

      Yeah! I’ve kind of sunk into a desperate, noooo-they-won’t-let-me-get-them-off denial stage right now, because I so want them off and don’t want to be disappointed! Lots of people have told me they feel slimy afterwards, but I guess anything’s better than braces…
      Yep, it’s definitely been manic lately – and I agree on the socks front!

      Liked by 1 person

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