The Daydreamer Challenge (Day 3): Spreading the Love

Nonono this is way too hard a prompt to write about! For Day 3 of the Daydreamer Challenge hosted by Caitlin (no, you’re not going crazy, I just haven’t done day 2 yet!), we have to pick one of our favourite blogs and talk about it…but, as proven by this post, I have way too many to pick from! The ones I mentioned in the previously linked post are some of my favourites, as well as The Writing Hufflepuff and A Hufflepuff’s Thoughts.

THE PRESSURE! SO MANY CHOICES!                                                                                                         *from*

I feel like the blogs – and bloggers – I feel really close to are the ones I’ve ‘known’ for a long time. One of these is Appletaile. Despite not knowing her name, I feel like if we actually ever me we’d get on really well in real life. We both love Rainbow Rowell books, and Lauren Aquilina. I really like her eclectic selection of posts – especially her thoughts on the iTunes Single of the Week programme and her list of British words (that aren’t ‘bloody’!). Basically, I have way too many bloggers that I love and BLEURHGHRG I FEEL BAD ABOUT THE ONES I’VE MISSED OUT but Appletaile is one that just stuck out in my head. Dodododo check out this post for the rest of my favourite blogs and blogging soulmates (shoutout to Evi, who I’ve decided is my bloggy soulmate – we both love quotes and are Hufflepuffs!) (I’m feeling like there’s a distinct Hufflepuff vibe to this post…).

Oh, and one last mention – thank you to Lana for picking me as her blog to talk about, it means a lot and makes me very happy! ❤

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Who are your favourite blogs? Share the love in the comments!


P.S. – I had a Chinese takeaway for dinner and it was AMAZING. Just thought you should know that. Y’know, cos we’re sharing the love and everything.

11 thoughts on “The Daydreamer Challenge (Day 3): Spreading the Love

  1. Appletaile says:

    Thank you thank you thank you! *hugs* It’ so amazing to be part of the community with all my awesome bloggy friends (argh I know the feeling of indecision)!
    Hufflepuffs rock. 😉 (I mean, sometimes people say I’d be a Ravenclaw but I’m pretty sure I’m Hufflepuff.)
    I got a little bit hypnotised by that rabbit gif, haha. 😛


    • An Overthinking Teenager says:

      You’re welcome! *more hugs* I think that one day, if we’re all still blogging, it would be amazing to all meet up in real life…it’s so cool to know that I feel like I have real friends from blogging, yet some of us haven’t even exchanged names! And yes, go hufflepuffs! I took the Pottermore quiz, and at first I was kind of disappointed because I thought being a Gryffindor (oh dear I just had to google the spelling of that because I had a crazy moment) was the best thing, but I actually really feel that being a Hufflepuff is pretty accurate and awesome. I do think there’s a bit of Ravenclaw overlap though…maybe that’s a common thing?


      • Appletaile says:

        That would be really cool! 🙂 (I feel like I’ve been using pseudonyms online for so long now that there’s no longer really any point changing…)
        I haven’t actually taken the *official* Pottermore quiz, but I took some other ones – it was Hufflepuff/close-ish Ravenclaw. I feel like a lot of people I know are Hufflepuffs too? 🙂


  2. shopgirlanonymous says:

    It is amazing how we can create these close bonds with people we have never met. I posted about it a couple of weeks ago, just how badly I would love to meet in person so many of my blogging friends…some of them I feel are the best of friends some days. 😉


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