Tracklisting Tuesday: An Appeal To The WWW


Via, all credit to The Happy Page on Facebook

Hello, fellow internet-addicts and awesome bloggers. (Sweeping generalisation there, soz) (oh dear, just used soz and totally not sorry about it)(feeling a bit hyper right now…).
As my fabulous best friend who was due to be next in my Best Friends Profiles Tracklisting Tuesday series was ill today (How dare you, best friend! Nah, just kidding, get better soon and come in tomorrow!), and I was disorganised and didn’t get her to answer the questions before today, Tracklisting Tuesday is going to be taking a bit of a backseat today. However, I am hoping to compile a new 8tracks playlist of awesome covers, and although I have lots of ideas, want to know what YOUR favourite covers are! Please please pretty please drop a comment down below, tweet me @booksteaonesie or even direct message me on Instagram, @booksteaanda_onesie (no pressure or anything ;-)), telling me what your favourite covers are! Any artist or genre, I’m not picky! I will then use all/some of your suggestions alongside my personal favourites in an 8tracks playlist, which may then form the basis of a future TT post. So please do comment! Also, I just want to discover some new music and am too lazy to go find some myself :-).
Thanks, and sorry-not-sorry for the gentle persuasiveness 😉 (if that even makes sense…)



10 thoughts on “Tracklisting Tuesday: An Appeal To The WWW

  1. Appletaile says:

    I’m a big fan of this collab cover of The Chain with Lauren Aquilina, Orla Gartland and Dodie Smith. (Because obviously, I’m not going to get away with not mentioning Lauren. 😛 ) The Honey Trees cover of Moon River is really pretty, too. Pentatonix & Lindsey Stirling did a cool cover of Radioactive. Birdy’s debut album is compiled completely of covers – my faves are probably The District Sleeps Alone Tonight, 1901, Shelter and Skinny Love. Aaand there’s also a ton of great Hallelujah covers. Yeah.

    *deep breath* Okay, I came out with more than expected there? Don’t feel the need to use them all, haha. xD


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