End of the Week Wrap-Up #6

As I didn’t post much last week, I didn’t do a wrap up, so this is covering everything from the last fortnight in my wonderfully (un)interesting life…

On the Blog

  • I claimed my blog on Bloglovin, and blogged about it! Either head over here or use the widget in my sidebar to follow me ๐Ÿ™‚
  • I delayed Tracklisting Tuesday to Wednesday, and wrote a bit about the awesome thought that music is a bit like an audio photograph.
  • Books, Tea and a Onesie turned one! Do feel free to go check out my blog-o-versary post here.
  • As part of myย One Week To Celebrate One Year: A Post-A-Day Challenge celebrating said anniversary, I did a special edition of Tracklisting Tuesdays, featuring one of my best friends. Watch out for the next two installments of quizzing-my-best-friends over the next couple of weeks!
  • As part of Celebration Week, I also posted a few of my top tips for blogging
  • …and a short history of my blog (which, I swear, really is short!)…
  • …and a roundup of some of my favourite blogs-of-the-moment!

In My Life

This week was quite high-stress, as I had two tests, a maths one and a chemistry one. Despite having them both on Friday, because of an orthodontist appointment, I don’t think they went too badly! I also found out my score on a physics test, which I’m muyย happy with. I did some baking today, and have generally had a good weekend, managing to get all my homework done on Friday night/Saturday morning ๐Ÿ™‚ I also went on a walk with the family today, so I might post a few photos from that at some point. Oh, and I got a new clock – I actually bought it a few weeks ago, back in half term, but only just got round to putting it up. It’s really pretty, but sounds so loud! Unfortunately, the minute and hour hands stick together a bit too…ah well!


This week I’ve read Sarah Dessen’s Lock & Key, which I really enjoyed and am hoping to review sometime over the next week! I’ve also started her bookย Last Chance, which I’m liking so far. I’ve also made an unusual purchase and ordered 4 books off of Amazon, which I’m really looking forward to reading :). Blogs-wise, over at Just Ponderin’, there’s a helpful guide for parents who have kids who want to be professional musicians, which made me smile. Jassie posted a list of favourite covers, some of which I already know and love, and Sophie shared a list of 8 ways to celebrate the International Day of Happiness. I think I’m going to leave it here for a week now, as I’m now doing this on my phone which makes life a bit difficult!
Hope you had a good week, and enjoy the week to come!

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