This Puppy Is Getting Snarky

At the monthly meeting of the local jazz orchestra I’m part of, two of my friends were getting very excited about jazz band Snarky Puppy’s tour coming within an hour and a half of where we live. Seriously, they were like this:

*click for source*


Naturally, I felt the urge to do a bit of YouTubing when I got home. Various recommendations from my friends included ‘Thing of Gold’, ‘Lingus’ and ‘Binky’. I really like ToG – I’ve now bought it – and ‘Quarter Master’ is another favourite. I’m definitely hoping to discover a few more favourites! I’m so glad I was introduced to them, because although I’d heard of them already through occasional fangirling by said friends, I’d never actually listened to any of their stuff. I’m trying to listen to a bit more jazz outside of what I play, because I enjoy playing it so much, so Snarky Puppy definitely seemed to be a good place to start.

On another jazzy note, in three weeks’ time I’m going to be doing my first jazz solo in public! It’s on a tune called St Louis’ Blues, and I’m pretty nervous already…I suspect I’ll be terrified on the night, if how I felt just practising it with the rest of the band is any indication!

Enjoy the tunes,


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