End of the Week Wrap Up #5

weekly wrap up

Hello, for the second time today! First off, I just wanted to mention that last weekend’s February wrap up was randomly one of my most popular posts, so thanks for that! First time I’ve broken 20 likes, and it made me muy felize (“very happy” in Spanish for you mere mortals 😉 ). This week my Twitter account has gone from strength to strength as I’ve discovered more and more of my fellow bloggers’ accounts…please do let me know your usernames in the comments below, or tweet me @booksteaonesie! Trust me, my inane ramblings are absolutely not to be missed…

On to this week on the blog!

  • Tracklisting Tuesday made a long-awaited return, having had a bit of a break because of my Overthinking Song Challenge…and who better to kick it all off again than the genius that is Ed Sheeran?
  • I posted my first ‘discussion post’, all about the perils of social media and the stereotypes that accompany it…please do feel free to head over here if you want to join in the discussion!
  • After having a bit of a mini-meltdown (although I suspect my mum may have a different opinion as to the mini bit…), I wrote about how we were born to be real, not perfect. This post seems to relate to quite a few of you, so head over there if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment!
  • And finally…earlier today, I spoke about my recent discovery of the fabulously-named band Snarky Puppy, and mentioned the fact I’ll be doing my first public jazz solo in a few weeks time.

From gifbay.com, via giphy.com

Stats-wise, I had an awesome 206 views and 53 likes, so thank you once again!

This week has been pretty busy, with continued work on my GCSE geography controlled assessment and music composition, neither of which are stressing me out AT ALL. Nah, I’m coping…just…

In terms of reading, I’m currently nearing the end of the Christmas-themed anthology My True Love Gave To Me, curated by Stephanie Perkins and including awesome authors such as Rainbow Rowell, Ally Carter and Jenny Han. Although these stories are primarily Christmas-themed, I’m still loving them in March!

Blogs-wise, Ellen of Oh, To Be A Muggle has moved over to food blogging at Novice Nutmeg, with a few of her first posts including her thoughts on Living A Healthy Lifestyle, which I would definitely say has resonated a bit with me, and a report on a trip to the Clandestine Cake Club, which I have a feeling may become a new addition to my as-of-yet fairly nonexistent bucket list…

source thegiflibrary.tumblr.com, via Giphy.com

Brittany at Skipping Breakfast at Tiffany’s wrote a very accurate post on how to clean your room/apartment/life, Sophie Cliff shared her favourite inspirational posts of the week in her Weekly Reads Round Up, a different Ellen posted this chocolate orange segments recipe which I am 100% going to try out, Linda shared her experiences using – shock horror! – actual film to take a few photos! (Spoiler alert: no, the exposure to old technology didn’t fatally injure her. May have ingested a bit of dust and a few cobwebs, though). Invisible2001 was also feeling the photographic vibe, with a beautiful post for the Daily Post’s ‘orange’ photo prompt, and Holly penned a really interesting account of her one-night college experience. My final pick (although let’s be honest, I could go on for ages with all the posts I’ve liked this week), is Abbey @ Blondie and the Beat’s review (would that be the best word? Account, maybe? Overview?) of the 2015 Grammy’s…although it wasn’t published this week, I only found her blog a few days ago. (Right, quick random question for Abbey: is your blog name inspired by Justin Bieber’s ‘Beauty and a Beat’? Or unrelated? Just curious).

This week I also had my weekly meeting of the local jazz orchestra, which was great fun as well as helpfully being accompanied by brilliant weather, and passed my Part One for RAF at school, which I don’t know much about but think has something to do with letting me fly. Scary! (But not as scary as the permission form my parents had to fill in which said the RAF wouldn’t take any responsibility for potentially fatal accidents…). I hope you enjoyed this post basically listing my favourite posts this week!

Ooh, a quick note – I’m considering “claiming” my blog on Bloglovin’…people that know about these kinds of things, is it worth it? Should I bother and would you like me to?

Thanks again and keep being awesome (trust me: you can take Monday, no problem!)


9 thoughts on “End of the Week Wrap Up #5

  1. Invisible2001 says:

    Thanks for featuring a pingback to my post, so glad you liked it! I think you already know my twitter name but if not it is @invisi2001blog. I’ll make sure I’m following you as well 🙂


  2. thewritinghufflepuff says:

    Those hamsters are so cute! For a second I thought they were the band you discovered haha! How cute would that be though, a band full of hamsters? (wouldn’t surprise me if there’s a Hamtaro episode like that…can’t remember).


  3. blondieandthebeat says:

    Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for the mention! I’m so glad you enjoyed the Grammy’s post. The name is not inspired by Justin Bieber…sorry to disappoint. It’s inspired by my hair color and “beat” having a dual meaning of beat in a song and beat as in a specific topic (music).

    Thanks for your support!! 🙂


  4. hermionefowl says:

    You have such profound posts. It’s great, sometimes I need to think 🙂 I find Bloglovin’ quite helpful, because you can get a lot more followers, not just from WordPress. Plus, it’s more followers for not much work!


  5. lindasblogs says:

    And what a week you’ve had! I’m glad you enjoyed the film post, I think I’ll try it again soon. They wouldn’t sell me just one roll of film so I have a couple more to experiment with. (Cough cough, camera dust!)


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