February: A Monthly Wrap Up

Where on earth did February go? Seriously, I swear it just disappeared. Anyway, a new month heralds a new wrapup, so here it is…


This month has been seriously busy, as I’ve been doing my An Overthinking Song Challenge and having a go at Poetry 201. I managed to successfully complete the song challenge, but have a few poetry prompts left – I’m hoping to have a go at them over the next few weeks. Here’s a quick rundown of this month’s posts:

Yikes, this month was certainly busy! I reached 200 WordPress followers and over 300 including Twitter followers, and also got over 5000 views, which considering I was on 4000 on NYE, I’m pretty happy with!

Books-wise, I’ve got tons out of the library, so I’m hoping todo a ‘Stacking the Shelves’ post soon, which is a meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews – I’m also hoping to start getting some book reviews up!

I’ve watched quite a few DVDs too – I showed my sister what’s possibly my all-time favourite (aside from Pitch Perfect, naturally), The Other Woman, and last Friday I rewatched What To Expect When You’re Expecting, which is also brilliant.

There have been loads of blog posts I’ve loved this month…here’s a sample:

So there you have it, my February in a nut shell! I also had half term,my school production of Grimm’s Fairy Tales which I did sound on (and ate a lot of Domino’s pizza in the process – see my Instagram for the proof!), went to a Gifted and Talented conference in Yeovil (that makes me sound like I think I’m gifted and talented – I SWEAR DON’T! Although I am exceptionally awesome, of course ;)) and aced my maths test (well, I was happy with my mark at least). Overall I had 651 views and 274 visitors, published 38 posts (less in March, I suspect!) and had 122 comments (including me). I also had 235 likes – WOW – so thanks guys! (ooh, the sound of my Spanish teacher throwing up at the use of the word ‘guys’). Oh, I also got a replacement phone for my cracked one (THE SCREEN IS SO BEAUTIFUL!) and a haircut :).

How’s your February been?


10 thoughts on “February: A Monthly Wrap Up

  1. Invisible2001 says:

    Thank you for linking to and viewing my ‘Positive thinking’ post, it really means a lot. Plus, I had a look at some of the links to the posts in this post and they are really good. Thanks for recommending them and thanks again for linking to my site. Invisible2001 x


  2. Anne says:

    Oh, I am glad other people felt Febuary just disappeared: I don’t even know what I have been doing all month πŸ˜‰
    Thanks so much for mentioning my 15 questions tag! Really appreciate it πŸ˜€
    xo Anne


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