Top Ten Reasons I Can’t Wait To Get My Braces Off

Woohoo! I’m (fingers crossed) getting my braces off on 22nd April! Yes, it’s still two months away, but at least I have a date to start counting down to now! I thought I would express my joy and excitement by listing what I’m most looking forward to about having a metal-free mouth…

1. Being able to bite into an apple without having to cut it. Even better, biting into an apple without getting bits stuck between my bottom brace and lips – NOT PLEASANT!

2. Waking up without the inevitable toothache caused by my elastics. I only have to wear them at night now, but if anything it’s more painful than wearing them 24/7!

3. Crunchies

4. Skittles

5. Baguettes

6. Generally not having to think twice about everything I eat.

*click for source*

*click for source*

7. Not having to cart around wax, elastics and the equivalent of a small pharmacy of painkillers, especially when I’ve recently had my brace tightened.

8. Not getting the skin at the side of my mouth hooked on the metal hook for my elastics and having to physically pull the hook out. One word: PAIN!


9. Not being permanently paranoid my teeth are going to move so I won’t be able to get my braces off.

10. Being able to annoyingly say “It’ll be over soon” or “You’re lucky, I’ve hadย muchย worse” to all my friends when they get braces. Mwahahaha, consider that a warning!


giphy (2)

Phoebe warned you.

What have your worst teeth-related issues been?



14 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons I Can’t Wait To Get My Braces Off

  1. HOLLY says:

    haha #10 is a great reason- it’s so true! It’s the best feeling when you get them off and you know that all that is finally behind you. Best of luck, and make sure you eat all the sticky and chewy stuff you want! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. thewritinghufflepuff says:

    Oh god braces! I had all of these problems as well, but 8 was the worst. I woke up like that EVERY morning. Horrible. And every time they were tightened, I couldn’t eat! I had to live on soup and yoghurt, so I was hungry the entire day. Glad it’s over for you soon! I remember the joy haha


  3. hermionefowl says:

    Oh, I had braces too, getting them off is so exciting!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I basically ate apples and minties and toffees for the whole day. Getting skin stuck is THE WORST. And I hated getting my braces tightened, I was in pain the entire day ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Make sure you tell us when they’re off, so we can celebrate with you!!!


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