Poetry 201: The Concrete Fly

Bat, bat,bat


the stranger yells angrily


“EEEEEEK!”the teenage girl yells scaredly


 “THAT TAUGHT YOU,                                                               YOU NASTY PIECE OF SCUM”

the old grandfather                                                  yells triumphantly

              “Ooh                                                       look

                 mummy.                                  Will it

                       taste nice?”          The toddler

                                 yells interestedly

                                Crunch, crunch


This is a ‘concrete poem’ or ‘shape poem’, where the poem is laid out in a shape that has some relevance to the poem. The theme was animals, and the poetical device we were given was enjambment – basically, where the line breaks are, which was obviously very relevant to the form of poetry. I’ve attempted to give mine the shape of a fly! I found today’s prompt really challenging, until the idea of a fly came into my head and I decided to run with it (or should I say, write with it? ;)), despite flies technically being insects. I hope you enjoyed it!

From http://www.tumblr.com, via Giphy

Let me know any feedback down below in the comments, thanks for reading!

An Overthinking Teenager



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