An Overthinking Song Challenge: February 19th

30 Day Song Challenge- Books, Tea and a (1)

Today’s prompt is a song that makes me angry, and I know exactly what I was thinking of when I picked this as a prompt – Pitbull’s ‘Fireball’, featuring John Ryan. What annoys me so much about it is that, as I’ve said before, it’s seriously catchy. However, it sets feminism back a long way, in my opinion. The lyrics sexualise women – for example:

Now baby get your booty naked, take off all your clothes

I’ve heard worse, but it just isn’t necessary for a song to involve what is essentially a man telling a woman to strip. No thank you. It’s not even like the woman is offering to strip! Yes, on the one hand you could say I’m overreacting, but think about it – loads of Pitbull’s songs convey similar messages. It’s not even remotely tasteful, and just makes it awkward to sing along to. The rest of the lyrics aren’t great either, just hugely repetitive. I guess what really annoys me is that it’s really catchy and sing-along-able, but completely shallow. Come on Pitbull, write a song about something meaningful for once, which preferably doesn’t involve large quantities of innuendo!

Right, rant over. What’s your opinion? Stick a comment down below!

An Overthinking Teenager

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