Poetry 201: Just Look At The Featured Image

For those of you that didn’t see the extended title to this post in my featured image…Here it is!

Poetry 201- The Acrostic Poem I Knocked

Yeah, today’s challenge was to write an acrostic poem about trust. Yeah, despite having hours of free time this morning, I chose to read rather than compose stunning pieces of poetry…but I have no regrets!

So yeah, here’s my poem, which I literally thought up whilst drying my hair. Haha, Keats I may not be, but let me know your feedback all the same!






Bleh. I used ‘U’ in place of ‘you’. I am forevermore sorry. Anyhow, the reasoning behind the idea that trust keeps you together is that the ‘you’ (or should I say, ‘U’) can represent a multitude of things – collectively, a relationship, family or group of friends. Without at least instilling some trust in the people around us, we would be completely alone in the world. And if we’re talking about individual people, we really have to trust ourselves. If we couldn’t trust our own judgement and decisions, we would be forever questioning ourselves and the choices we’ve made in the past (not that I don’t do that myself…). Essentially, without trust we would pull ourselves apart internally, and pull apart any relationships we have with the people around us.

Gosh, that got rather deep rather quickly, didn’t it? What are your thoughts on trust?

An Overthinking (but nonetheless trusting) Teenager

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