An Overthinking Song Challenge: February 17th

30 Day Song Challenge- Books, Tea and a (1)

I’ve previously done a whole post on yesterday’s theme of acoustic versions, but after re-reading that post for inspiration, I’ve decided to switch it up with a (I think) un-blogged-about pair of acoustics. The first is this acoustic of Hold Back The River by James Bay. I like the song as it is, and though I don’t think the acoustic is stunningly different to the original, it really is vocally flawless and proves he really can sing, as well as having a real sense of emotion when you hit the chorus. Plus, I haven’t mentioned James Bay in a post before! The second acoustic version I’ve chosen is this performance of ‘Home’ by Ella Eyre, which I think I may have mentioned somewhere before. I don’t think there’s actually an official studio version of this on YouTube, but I saw here sing this live and it was absolutely beautiful. She wrote it when she was away at boarding school, and it’s all about being away from home and just dropping the pretence that you’re OK.

Let me know your favourite acoustics in the comments!

An Overthinking Teenager

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