An Overthinking Song Challenge:February 10th


30 Day Song Challenge- Books, Tea and a (1)

Oops, I’ve just realised I have two day 10 prompts…I’ll sort that out tonight! This post is happening a day late as I was working last night and got in pretty late, and had absolutely no motivation to write this post. But now I have spare time before school starts, so I’ll give it a go!
OK, so yesterday’s prompt was ‘a song you know because of your parents’. I think anything by Abba or Status Quo could fit into this category, but my specific choice for today is ‘Song For Whoever’ by The Beautiful South. I haven’t heard this for a looong time,  but the line ‘I love you from the bottom of my pencil case’ really stuck with me for some reason, so I just Googled what song it was from! I clearly remember liking The Beautiful South so much I nicked my mum’s The Beautiful South: Carry On Up The Charts CD and keeping it for about six months!
How have your family influenced your musical taste?
An Overthinking Teenager

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