An Overthinking Song Challenge:February 3rd

30 Day Song Challenge- Books, Tea and a (1)

Welcome to today’s cheerful topic of a song that makes me sad! I’m afraid this will be replacing Tracklisting Tuesday today, as I’ve had a busy day of zipwires, high ropes, maths revision, haircuts, and moulding RAF berets and frankly can’t be bothered. Anyway.  I’ve picked out two songs for today’s post: High Hopes by Kodaline, and Talk To Me by Lauren Aquilina. I think the latter inspires such emotion because of how Aquilina sings – you can really feel the depth of emotion that went into writing the song. I find High Hopes sad I think in part due to the lyrics, but also due to the haunting melody.
What songs make you sad?
An Overthinking Teenager

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