Christmas Haul!

Yes, I know December 25th was three weeks ago…but I thought that I would bring you a quick post highlighting my favourite Christmas presents anyway! I loved all my presents (thank you to people that gave me one! :-)), but for this post I just picked out a few that instantly came to mind. Oh, and click here to see a roundup of all the music I was given this Christmas…


I got this bright orange ‘This Week’ desk pad, by the brand Knock Knock, and its definitely help me make a to-do list that actually gets ticked off. The tin is an M&S spectacle cleaning and repair kit, consisting of lens spray, a cleaning cloth and a mini screwdriver, which is actually really helpful. Because I keep my contact lens case in my glasses case if I’m wearing contacts, the lenses tend to get covered in contact lens solution which builds up until I can barely see anything! The spray is great and works brilliantly. The headphones are representative of the wireless headphones I got for running and going round to school (and which I have currently *ahem* misplaced :/), which are by Bluedio. They work really well once you’ve read the instructions, and stick in your ears. The only downfall is that they occasionally lose the Bluetooth signal, but generally they’re awesome!

I got this set of 12 Muji pens, and now cannot stop using them. I previously only had one of their gel pens, which unfortunately exploded into the lid a bit, but these new pens are making regular appearances in my schoolwork!

I got these fairy lights from my parents, and they’re from B&Q (a British hardware/DIY supplies shop). They are quite fragile – just putting them off three or four of the coloured globes came unattached – and require an element of self-assembly, but my mum managed to put them together pretty quickly for me. They’re really cheerful and colourful and you can choose the order of the colours – I basically just love them!

Cosmetics-wise, I got this Zoella washbag from my sister, as well as her Soak Opera bath and shower gel, a couple of Lush bath bombs, some Soap & Glory stuff in a nice box and a set of Beauticology products, which came in a really cute gingerbread man tin! I also got the Hollister Crescent Bay body spray, which I love, and this reallyyy pretty necklace, which I got for £5 at a market stall and persuaded my mum to let me have as a Christmas present 🙂 It’s really sweet and I loved the rest of the seller’s items, but unfortunately she hadn’t yet set up an online shop or anything.

Last but not least, I got a BBC Sherlock calendar, which is awesome…one of my friends got a Benedict Cumberbatch one, so we’re going to exchange pictures each month!
I also got loads of other presents, including gold/spotty/bird patterned washi tape, a meerkat stress ball, an indecision ball, and tons of other stuff, including a pretty pink tin with ‘Do What You Love Every Day’ written on it! What did you get for Christmas?

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