Christmas Traditions

Hola! As it’s Christmas Eve, I decided to do something a bit Christmassy, and have taken inspiration from various questions from the ‘Christmas Tag’ I’ve seen around WordPress – for example here, here and here. Here’s a bit about some of the standout Christmas traditions of my family, despite me feeling very un-Christmassy…

1. Decorating the house: We don’t tend to decorate the exterior of our house, but certainly do the inside! We tend to get the tree a couple of weeks into December and my sister and I decorate it together within a couple of days, and then bits of the house just get done in the weeks/days leading up to Christmas Day. Previously, my mum has done most of the interior decoration, but this year my sister and I took one of the two main rooms each – me the kitchen, my sister the lounge. Unusually, I also decorated my room – my friend (who blogs over here) and I bought some Christmas paper chains in town (50p, Store Twenty One – don’t you love a good 49p reduction?), and sat up all night making them! They are now hung around my bedroom, and there are a few other festive touches here and there – a long purpley-pink chain made up of stars (75p – charity shop) is draped around various photo frames, covering about half of the room, and four pink snowflakes are strung on a navy bit of wool, and hung above the garlands of hearts on one of my walls. There’s also a little Christmas tree ornament around the doorknob – yay for 10p charity shop bargains!

2. Presents: We open our stockings first thing in my parents room, and we all go round taking it in turns to open presents. We then get to open one ‘main’ present each in the morning :).Sometimes my granny and uncle come up for lunch, and we open all our presents afterwards, but if they don’t, we go down and see them and open their presents in the morning, and then open ours in the afternoon. We also then go to London for a family Christmas party and to see some other relatives, so we get even more presents then :).

3. Food: If my gran and uncle are coming, we have a light breakfast, and then Christmas dinner at lunchtime followed by our choice of crisps, crackers, cheese, peanuts etc. for dinner,  but if they aren’t we have a slightly bigger breakfast, a snacky lunch and the main meal in the evening. I love Christmas food, especially the main dinner – my parents are vegetarians, so we have nut roast, but Mum also buys pigs in blankets and chicken for my sister and I. My friends often seem surprised that I rarely have turkey at Christmas, but we just prefer chicken! 🙂

And that is a whirlwind tour of the Overthinking Family’s main Christmas traditions…is there anything that you do every year at Christmastime?

Ho ho ho and a merry Christmas!

Haha, An Overthinking Teenager 🙂


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