I Think I Have A New Favourite Song: A Gig Review (Kinda-Late-Tracklisting-Tuesdays-Thing)

On Wednesday, having finished school at 12:30, I kicked off my Christmas holidays with my first ever jazz concert.I went with a friend from my jazz orchestra, and met several others there – 80% of the band we were seeing were made up of people in the senior part of the orchestra, and all of them were from the local college, so the audience was made up of mostly local college students or people in the jazz orchestra (and a bunch of parents). Although the audience was relatively small, we were encouraged to think of it as ‘a house party with a particularly elaborate setup’, and once everything got going it wasn’t too awkward.

Before the main band came on, two singer-songwriter friends of the band played; Bethan Funning and Sophie Barker. I loved the music written/sung by both of them, especially Bethan – she was also great live, encouraging us to sit down and relax, later saying it was because she thought it just looked really awkward! When the first three people sat down, after a quick discussion on whether to take the plunge, she said she liked that – she generally seems very likable, from watching her perform and chatting to her afterwards. Some later research revealed Facebook pages, YouTube channels and SoundCloud pages for both of them, and a few tracks available for free download. My favourite of all the tracks I downloaded was ‘Stop the Clocks’ by Bethan Funning – I also loved ‘Spaceships and Moonbeams’, written when Funning was only 13! My absolute favourite song has to be ‘Fat Files’, though – unfortunately, I can’t find it anywhere to download! 😦

Sophie Barker was also fabulous, and I’ve since gone on to download all of her songs that I can off of SoundCloud – she’s also recently released an EP, ‘Futureless’, that I need to check out 🙂 I especially love her recent Christmas cover of Mele Kalikimaka, originally by Bing Crosby, which you can find on her SoundCloud (linked at the bottom).

Anyway, onto the main artist, the ‘Inflatable Funk Train of Love’. They played some instrumentals and even an original, composed by the sax/keys player (who also does dubstep under the name Teminite), and also covered several modern songs – including Ed Sheeran ‘You Need Me I Don’t Need You’, Maroon 5 ‘This Love’ and the Ghostbusters theme tune. Overall, I really enjoyed it – there was a little dance battle of the genders which was awkward-but-fun, and we all eventually got into it and started dancing/bobbing along. The start was a little awkward though, with a row of us deciding that standing halfway back in the room was just going to be hugely awkward for everyone, so we not-so-subtly shuffled forward, leaving all the younger people and the front and all the older ones at the back! Haha

It was really fun as my first ever jazz gig, and I would recommend everyone goes to check out Bethan Funning, Sophie Barker and The Inflatable Funk Train of Love.

What have your recent gig experiences been like?

An Overthinking Teenager

The Inflatable Funk Train of Love





Bethan Funning





Sophie Barker






4 thoughts on “I Think I Have A New Favourite Song: A Gig Review (Kinda-Late-Tracklisting-Tuesdays-Thing)

  1. dreamsbrightascitylights says:

    They sound great! I’ll be sure to check them out 🙂 I’ve never been to a jazz concert, but I’d like to try it one day. My most recent gig experiences were very, very cold because I sing in a choir and we had an event at my town’s Christmas festival outside the other weekend and a carol concert in a church!


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