Just Something That Makes Me Happy…

There are lots of things about blogging that make me happy…long comments, awesome stats, likes, satisfying posts, but there is one thing that makes me happiest – the community created around blogging. Purely through comments and likes, I feel like I’ve developed internetty-friendships with many of the bloggers that I like best. Some of my internetty friends include Appletaile, Evi, BearNextDoor, Z, The Writing Hufflepuff, Kayleigh and littleonionwrites (at least, they’re bloggers I admire and I think we’re friends…).

So thanks for being awesome, and for writing awesome posts!

An Overthinking Teenager


8 thoughts on “Just Something That Makes Me Happy…

  1. BearNextDoor says:

    Arrw, i just read this! That’s so cute.. I’ve always wanted to (be cool enough to) have internet friends. Ahaa, thanks for being present on my blog too (:


  2. littleonionwrites says:

    Thank YOU for being awesome. I’m so glad to be included in your list of internet friends! You’re definitely on my list 😀 Your posts are always exciting to see. I definitely have to catch up—I’ve been terribly inactive due to school and such 😦 I’m hoping to fix that, since my winter break is slowly approaching!


  3. Appletaile says:

    Yay! *high fives*

    I love the blogging community too. To be honest, sometimes it’s the only thing that keeps me going and brings a smile to my face. 🙂

    (P.S. New header?! Me likey.) (Wait, it just crossed my mind – is me likey from Spanish? Like, me lavo or something? *shrugs* I have a feeling connection is nonexistent. Aaaand I’ve gone on a rant , oops! xD)


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