Argh! Concert Overload! An Explanation For My Absence…

Hello, loyal and post-deprived followers! (If you even noticed I haven’t posted for ages…)

I’m afraid you may not be getting many posts until the tail end of next week…the last week or so has been absolutely hectic! My school breaks up for Christmas on Wednesday, but unfortunately that doesn’t mean life is slowing down! On Tuesday I had the annual school Christmas concert in aid of the National Trust, which is held in the Cathedral, I had a maths test on Monday and a Chemistry test on Wednesday, next Monday I’m going to see Status Quo live with my dad (!), Tuesday is the school Christmas concert in the school hall, and on Wednesday I’m going to my first ever jazz gig, by a band mostly made up of a bunch of people at my jazz orchestra. Phew, music everywhere! Anyway, all of that should be a lot of fun, but it doesn’t leave much time for bloggy things, what with all the catch up from concert rehearsals and stuff…

So, this was just a quick post to let you know about my absence and forthcoming busyness, but don’t worry because the holidays are fast approaching, hopefully with plenty of blogging time!

An Overthinking Teenager


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