Tracklisting Tuesdays: Bastille Appreciation Part 2

As promised, this post is going to be highlighting my favourite acoustics by Bastille. If you’re sick and tired of Bastille by now or just don’t like them (gasp! How can such a thing be said? ;-)), then head over here for a previous Tracklisting Tuesdays highlighting all of my favourite live performances and acoustics.

  1. First up is their set for Tenement TV. I love this because it, whilst still being pitch perfect, feels real and raw. There’s so much depth to it, you can hear everything – I never knew about that awesome guitar bit in Pompeii!
  2. This acapella version of Overjoyed is beautiful. Although the original is pretty stripped back, this is something else. Oh, and synchronised stamping? Yes please! 
  3. Now we have an orchestral version of Things We Lost In The Fire from October 2013. This was performed at Queens’ College Cambridge, and I particularly love the chorus.
  4. This is a piano version of Bad Blood, which is possibly their second or third biggest song here in the UK, after Pompeii and possibly Flaws. When I had started to get sick of the more heavily produced album version, to have this on the Oblivion EP was a welcome relief.
  5. Got a lot of love for this. Mashup of TLC’s No Scrubs’ and the xx’s ‘Angels’.
  6. This is a version of Oblivion recorded at Capitol Studios in LA. It isn’t exactly acoustic, but is live and beautiful. The string section really brings it to life, and I just love it! 
  7. Again, this isn’t strictly acoustic but I really like it. This is Flaws recorded at Abbey Road with a string section – I love the way Dan is conducting!

That’s it for now! If you’ve got any others you know of, let me know! For the sake of something new, I have left out a few of my other favourites which I’ve mentioned multiple times before, but this is most of them. Let me know what you think of them, and which is your favourite!

A Bastille-obsessed Teenager

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