Tracklisting Tuesdays: New Music!

Y’know I said this post was about new music? Well sorry, I got you here under false pretences. You might as well call this post ‘Bastille Appreciation’, because that’s 90% what it is. Let’s hope you like Bastille…

This post is going to focus on new music, specifically the three new tracks recently released from Bastille’s upcoming mixtape ‘VS.: Other People’s Heartache Pt. III’. (I also really want to do a post on their acoustic awesomeness and ย don’t think I can wait a whole week, so stay tuned for that sometime soon…). Other the last four weeks, Bastille have released three new songs, each with incredibly minimalistic publicity. Read: announcing it on the day/the day before it’s premiering. As you do-or at least, as Bastille do.


Anyway, here’s the first track, ‘Torn Apart’, VS. Grades, premiered on the Zane Lowe show on BBC Radio 1. This was also originally VS. Lizzo, but the rap didn’t get great feedback and seemed to disappear…?

Things I Love:

-All of the visuals for the new mixtape. Just awesome.

-The fact it’s a bit more upbeat and built-up than a lot of their previous stuff, but it still feels like everything in the music is serving a purpose, rather than just being formulaic and there for the hell of it.

-The changes in tempo.

Overall I think it’s very different to their previous stuff, but if this is what we’re expecting for the new album I for one won’t be complaining!

Next up is ‘The Driver’, written for Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 Rescores project, rescoring the 2011 Ryan Gosling film ‘Drive’. This was debuted as Zane’s ‘Hottest Record In The World Right Now’ during a week of soundtrack premieres building up to the screening of the film later that week. Bastille are in the company of artists including Laura Mvula, Banks and CHVRCHES on the soundtrack, so I feel I definitely ought to explore the rest of the soundtrack more closely! Although the song was written for the soundtrack, I think it’s also a great standalone song.

Things I Love

– Most of it! Some of those high notes are very impressive!

Finally, and only premiered last night (I think) (although they’ve been playing it live for over a year now, so I’ve heard it in parts on YouTube already), is ‘Weapon’, VS. Angel Haze VS. F*U*G*Z VS. Braque and recorded backstage before a concert at London’s Alexandra Palace (not that you’d guess this!). This was played first by Huw Stephens, who also premiered their recent song ‘bad_news’. Ahh, I love new Bastille music!

I’m not so sure about this one – there are lots of different styles and I’m not sure if all of them mesh, but overallย I think I like it – it grew on me during the second listen! Lots of people are saying it ‘isn’t Bastille’, which I don’t think is fair – they’ve always said they don’t really restrict themselves to a genre, and Bastille are whatever they want to be! These mixtapes are all about experimenting with different styles, and remember, this is their livelihood – they’re allowed to try new stuff out! This is a very different style to their other music, but I definitely wouldn’t say that’s a bad thing.

And now for a non-Bastille track (you mean there’s such a thing! *drops to ground in dead faint in surprise*…

This is DJ Fresh featuring Ella Eyre, and as with most Ella Eyre-related stuff, I love it. This was also premiered as Hottest Record In The World Right Now on Zane Lowe’s show over the last couple of days – Zane Lowe is doing great things for my Amazon mp3 wish list!

So what do you think about my picks? What’s your favourite current new music, and where did you first hear it? Do you ever indulge in Bastille (other artists are available, just not quite as good…) appreciation moments/posts/hours/years/lives/you know where this is going…

Hope you enjoyed this not-quite-Tuesday Tracklisting Tuesdays post, and don’t mind too much that I got you here under false pretences!

An Overthinking Teenager


8 thoughts on “Tracklisting Tuesdays: New Music!

  1. BearNextDoor says:

    I’m doing so bad with keeping up with these! I feel worse cause I like all their instagram posts when I’ve only listened to one of the songs


    • An Overthinking Teenager says:

      Yay, glad you like them too! I’ve listened to a couple of their songs, but only the ones regularly played on the radio, like Chocolate and Girls. I’ll definitely try and look into a few more of their less publicly-known songs! Thanks for stopping by ๐Ÿ˜€


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