100 Days of Happiness {day 71} – More DIY And A Minor Miracle

Lets go with the DIY bit first:

I made loooots of stuff on Tuesday! I made some really cute tassels, most of which were made of white wool and dyed using food colouring, but one of which I made using dark blue wool and turned into a keyring! I spent a long time on the tassels, and then went on a fun expedition to the charity shop(s)! There’s an area about five minutes walk from where I live, max, where there are four charity shops. Yup, a bit overrun with them! First/last stop was the Sue Ryder shop, where I bought the navy blue wool I mentioned above (I went there first, but actually bought the wool last, after sizing up the competition at the other charity shops!). Then followed one for a local cancer charity, where I bought a woven white heart (75p), some white yarn (can’t remember the cost) and two teacups (I think 10p each). I then nipped into our local air ambulance one, which didn’t have anything interesting, and went to one for a local school for visually impaired children, where I bought some fairy lights :). After buying the wool from the Sue Ryder shop, I was done!

I generally had a very nice afternoon mucking around with stuff in my bedroom 🙂

Now for the minor miracle: *DUN DUDUDUDUDU DUNDUNDUUUN!*


We went from 0-1 down to 2-1 up (I think) and it was awesome! I wasn’t actually watching  the match, so I’m afraid you won’t  be getting a ball-by-ball recount of the match, but I WAS working! Yay! I was in the hospitality boxes again and it was really fun 🙂 There’s a bunch of nice people there, and we get to eat the leftovers! The pudding was literally to die for, flapjacky-moussey-caramely-cheesecakey-chocolatey DELICIOUSNESS! AND NO, I AM NOT EXAGGERATING WITH MY USE OF CAPS LOCK! 😉

New Bastille music had premiered  for their Other People’s Heartache Pt. III mixtape when I returned and my sister had returned from her four-day Model United Nations conference, so it was generally an awesome day 🙂

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