As I am very nearly at the massive milestone of 150 followers (146!), I’m contemplating extending my social media portfolio. I am already on Instagram and Twitter (though Twitter is generally just used to post links to blog posts – I prefer Instagram by far),  but am now considering a Facebook page. There are several arguments for it – more statistics, the potential of a further-reaching audience, the chance to mention things I don’t have time for a full post on. But my blog is still relatively new – I haven’t been going for even a year yet, and haven’t got half as many followers as some that have Facebook pages! I don’t want to come across as big-headed or overconfident for starting a Facebook page, but then again it could be  a way for me to expand my blog.

So I wanted to know – what do you think? If I had a Facebook page, would you ‘like’ it? Would you like to have a bit more of an insight into me or would you rather I shut up and go away? Would you like to see which posts from other bloggers that I’m enjoying, or would you rather stick with the bloggers you know?

Please, help me out here!

An Overthinking Teenager


2 thoughts on “To Facebook Or To Not Facebook? HELP, MY INDECISIVENESS IS TAKING OVER!

  1. Appletaile says:

    The way that I find new bloggers is usually through other blogs I follow, so I’d definitely be up for that.

    I don’t actually…have Facebook, so, yeah. But I don’t think it would come across as overconfident or anything. I think it could be a lot of fun. (And maybe if you get a social media page, then I could cross new boundaries and get one too. Those social media buttons at the side just look so pretty.) 🙂


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