100 Days of Happiness {day 67} – Flooded Changing Rooms and Blatant Bribery

If you read my last post about the recent thunderstorm,you’ll know it rained a lot in a short period of time where I live on Thursday night. If not, you know now! Anyway, I arrived in school on Friday to collect my CCF boots from my locker (as the UK terror status has been raised to severe, nobody in the country is allowed to wear army uniform or anything associated with the army in public, so we have to change into CCF uniform at school), to discover the girls changing rooms had been flooded. As they are half underground, rainwater had been able to enter. Apparently there were hockey sticks floating around, and all the lowest lockers were emptied, with anything affected being stuck in a binbag to take home. Luckily I don’t have a bottom row locker and only had my CCF boots in there anyway 🙂 They must have been working through the night to clean it so quickly, but we were allowed in to change at lunch, with a strong smell of bleach and a few dripping bags and coats the only evidence of the flood.

CCF was fun –  we are currently on two week rotations around the RAF, Army and Navy, so we can pick which section we want to join. My section were with the RAF, and we got to use walkie-talkies 🙂 We had to complete tasks to get codes to then report back to the member of the group that had been taken ‘hostage’ by Morse code. Althought there were a few, ahem, issues  with the radio frequencies (boys of Section 6, I’m looking at you!), we were the only group to successfully transmit a code. All the groups got given a packet of Haribo to share at the end, but because we were just generally so amazing, our group got an extra packet 🙂 (don’t tell the orthodontist!). I must say, the RAF’s recruiting strategy is blatantly obvious!

My sister then had a pizza party with about 20 people, so I had a friend (the sister of one of her friends) over. We watched Princess Diaries 2 (the ultimate in ‘ooh, shots fired! Never realised how funny PD2 is…) followed by almost  all of Pitch  Perfect (yes, I can quote it. No, I am in no way ashamed.). We had BBQ and Salt & Vinegar Pringles and ham and pineapple pizza, and generally had a great time 🙂

Exciting, huh?

An Overthinking Teenager


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