100 Days of Happiness {day 63} – My First Concert (kinda)

I went to see Ella Eyre live in Bristol on Monday.

It was awesome, except for the fact that we waited for about half an hour afterwards, but she just stuck her hood up and got straight into the car. It was kind of funny actually – they kept backing up the car so she would barely have to walk outside.

I spent pretty much the whole day getting seriously excited, and by the time we got to Bristol Burger King, it was kind of just starting to sink in. I had a whopper, banana and strawberry milkshake and onion rings, which was suprisingly yummy
(or maybe I was just to excited to notice the flavour!). The concert was great, although we didn’t get back till probably gone midnight!

Keep an eye out for a more detailed ‘Tracklisting Thursdays’ post sometime tomorrow!

Who’ve you seen live?

An Overthinking Teenager

+ Oh, and it’s a kinda cos I have been to an outdoor Olly Murs concert last summer and the UK Live South West festival at Weston-Super-Mare – this is my first indoor traditional-style concert!


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