100 Days of Happiness {day 61} – Well, At Least It Wasn’t 20-0…

I had a hockey match on Saturday. I was playing for the A team, which due to various injuries I’ve done a few times this term, which is quite scary! We had no goalie, so it was a first-timer defending our goal, and a weird hybrid A-B team. Even the coach taking us said she’d rather stay at home…

In true British fashion, just as we stepped on the hockey pitch and the whistle blew, the rain started. Fabulous.

Anyway, it was 1-0 in about 45 seconds, and 1-1 after two minutes. The first half ended on 2-1,which we were pretty impressed with, but then the second half meant we lost 5-1. Ah well, at least we got a goal and we’re just gonna ignore the second half!

I had Waitrose chicken caesar salad for lunch (major yum!!!), and yeah, overall my Saturday wasn’t bad at all 🙂

An Overthinking Teenager

PS – I was really nervous about playing hockey with the As, because it isn’t really my friendship group, but I made up the numbers for the team and went, so I’m really proud about that 🙂


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