100 Days of Happiness {day 60} – Squad, Haaaalt!

Last Friday was our school field day, and the year 10 CCF recruits were visiting a local military base. We did a rotation of activities, including ‘bashers’ (outdoor shelter), cooking with ration packs, two different First Aid scenarios, drill and map reading. I certainly have an interesting approach to taking bearings, in that I can do it perfectly well until someone actually asks me to…

Our bashers actually worked quite well (although we weren’t named the best section 😦 ) and for first aid we had to deal with first a bomb explosion and then a minibus crash (for the crash we used an actual minibus, which was pretty fun). Cooking was interesting, that”s for sure…we were using ration packs, and lets just say it involved very laid back sixth formers setting fire to a games bag (accidently, I’m pretty sure…), blackcurrant sports-drink-powder being added to boiling water and five minute notice to whip up something edible for a school governor. As far as I’m aware, no governors have gone down with food poisoning since…we did actually give her quite a nice (perhaps half-cooked) cherry turnover. First Aid was fun, drill was great in practice and a bit of a fail in the actual competition (we were given a messed up halt command, so it’s not entirely our fault), but oh well! The food there was amazing, but the dorms were absolutely boiling. We could also hear everything the boys said, and I’m pretty sure most of the camp could…

I’m doing RAF next week, I believe!

Have you ever been to a military barracks?

An Overthinking Teenager


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