100 Days of Happiness {day 57} – Teenage Politics and I Get It!

I understand!

Don’t you just love that ‘click’ moment when everything falls into place, the last pieces of the jigsaw puzzle slotting into position? That happened to me and a friend in our music theory lesson today. We were getting confused over time signatures, triplets, crochets and quavers, and were desperately trying to work it out again at the end of the lesson, when my friend’s face froze. ‘What?’ I asked, as her face was stuck in an expression of surprise. She soon revealed to me the answer: we had been counting beats as crotchets rather than quavers! Yes! Life once again made sense! Hallelujah! Rejoice! Praise the magical god of music theory! (I’m not joking,  we really were this happy to close the gaping black hole in our understanding). Anyway, that made me happy.

Something that made me happy in a kind of different way was my own reaction to something. There was a party, that a friend/acquaintance was having for her birthday, and I wasn’t invited but most of my close friends were. I feel very proud that instead of getting stressed or upset, I was completely accepting of the situation, probably because I knew I wouldn’t invite her if the situation were to be reversed. But there were some very complicated teenage politics going on at lunchtime, so one of my friends and I saw the ten-girl conference/argument, and abruptly turned away. I’m proud that I stepped away, didn’t get involved, and didn’t make the girl who was having the party feel uncomfortable at all. It’s a skill that takes practice, so I’m glad to say I’m completely and utterly unbothered by not being invited! 🙂

Danke for reading!

An Overthinking Teenager


2 thoughts on “100 Days of Happiness {day 57} – Teenage Politics and I Get It!

  1. Appletaile says:

    I’ve just started music theory (at some point I’ll take grade 5 so I can continue with the clarinet) and it MAKES MY BRAIN HURT SO MUCH. OW.
    I shall just have to hope for the ‘hallelujah’ moment. 😉


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