I’m A Teenager, Get Me Out Of Here…

I want to go to university. Luckily, I probably will be able to. Unluckily for my present mood, that’s at least four years away.

One of the core reasons I want to go to uni is to meet new people. Don’t get me wrong, I have some of the best friends in the world. But I want to meet people based on their interests, notbecause we’ve all been shoved together in a group of 100 or so for about six years of our lives. I want to meet people who don’t care about crazy obsessions, or fitting in with the cool kids, because the wwhole idea of cool kids has faded a bit. I want to have freedom to spend hours listening to music without seven solid hours of school getting in the way, to study exactly what I want, to eat my favourite food, to decorate my own room entirely my own way. At the moment, my room is brilliant. I love it. I don’t have a burning desire to get away from my family and friends, but I do want to make new friends, with similar interests to me, without being stuck ina group of the same people for half my childhood (although I do like some of those people a great deal, and very much hope I will stay in contact with them once I finally get off to uni). Maybe I’ll go to uni somewhere like America or Holland, and explore  a new culture. Maybe I’ll stay in the UK. Maybe I’ll stay in my home city. Who knows?

But there you go, my late night thought of the day.

What are your thoughts about university and higher education generally?

An Overthinking Teenager



8 thoughts on “I’m A Teenager, Get Me Out Of Here…

  1. Kayleigh says:

    I’m at university now and let me tell you you won’t have the freedom to listen to music as you hope. It’s deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. You’ll love university wherever you go though, despite the extra stress it’s great! I get what you’re saying about the friends thing and I totally agree with you. For me it was nice to go somewhere new where there was someone you could find who liked the same things as you without having them at a different school. You meet some pretty unique, inspiring and fantastic people at university at sometimes that’s only in passing 🙂


    • An Overthinking Teenager says:

      Yeah, what I meant is that uni isn’t the same as school, a 7-hour block in the middle of every day. I’m glad to here you did manage to meet new people, so thanks for commenting and telling me about your uni experiences! 🙂


      • Kayleigh says:

        You’ll meet so many amazing people at university and they just make the whole experience so much better. Despite the work, the constant deadlines and the no doubt sleepless nights you’ll enjoy it when you do eventually get the chance to go whether that be somewhere in the UK or abroad 🙂


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