100 Days of Happiness {day 32} – First Aid, Gigs and Fun!

Yesterday I had a brilliant day. I had my first full Combined Cadet Force session (although it wasn’t really full because I missed a load of it to get my brace fixed), where we did first aid (the others also did drill and map reading, but I missed that), which despite the boys messing around, was pretty fun. I can now do a sling, bandage and the recovery position (but don’t know which kind of sling for which injury, because our sixth form instructor said ‘I can’t remember, and don’t want to tell you the wrong thing’ 🙂 ), but hopefully I won’t have to put my newfound skills into practice!

I also had the last gig of the season with my jazz orchestra. This was kind of sad because a lot of  my friends are moving up to the more senior band, but it was the first time I had seen them since our Montreux trip, and it was a nice catch up. We had a brilliant gig, including playing my favourite song (Birdland, originally by Weather Report, since you asked), and even managed to sprint down to the shop on the corner for emergency Maltesers and Quavers! I had an awesome time, and am so sad it was our last gig with that lineup in the band.

If you play an instrument, what’s your favourite piece to play?? If not, what’s your favourite song?

An Overthinking Teenager

P.S. – This is my 105th post! Woop Woop!


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