100 Days of Happiness {day 29} ~ Phew!

I had double Spanish yesterday. This seemingly mundane-yet-boring component of my Tuesday timetable actually holds a minefield of potential victims – in fact, you could say the Chamber of Secrets has been opened, now I’ve been assigned that particular teacher. This teacher, has a bit of a reputation. He’s the head of modern foreign languages, and terrifies pretty much everyone. He is either normal or crazy, hands out a stuffed penguin at will, yells whilst not looking angry and keeps you permanently on your toes. And I’ve now got him, for the first time ever, for my two years of GCSE. Eek.
But (and this is where the happiness bit comes in) yesterday’s double lesson, my first ever double language, WENT OK!!!! YIPPEEE!!!
Also, I had homemade chicken curry for tea. So yeah, that always deserves a yippee.
Do you have a teacher who is just plain odd at times?
An Overthinking Teenager


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