Live Lounge: My Favourite Live Performances

Live performances can be  amazing, or awful. If done right, they allow us to experience the music more deeply, seeing the way the instruments and vocals blend together to form the song for ourselves, and ultimately cementing our love of the song/artist. However, and I may just be being incredibly cynical here, if done badly, we discover how much autotune has actually gone into producing the song, the artist is flat and uninvolved and we don’t like the artist anymore. Not that I’m trying to depress you, or anything.

After pootling around on YouTube and Google for a bit, here’s a compilation of a few of my favourite live performances/acoustics, from my favourite artists and Google-recommended ones!

1// Bastille – Pompeii

This rendition just seems to have so much depth in it…it’s as though I can picture the grey clouds overhead, and I love that.

2//Ella Eyre – Waiting All Night

This acoustic is beautiful…I like Waiting All Night with the bright, bouncy beats, but this stripped-back version feels completely different – chilled out and relaxing.

3//Chloe Howl – Paper Heart

I literally just discovered Chloe, and I’m loving her soulful heart  – in a way she kind of reminds me of Jessie J, but hitting less notes.

4//Madilyn Bailey – Titanium

This is a cover of David Guetta and Sia, and Madilyn just has the most powerful, beautiful voice you could imagine. Definitely worth a listen.

5// Bastille – Flaws

Watch & appreciate.


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