You know you are a blogger when…

Ha! This made me go ‘yep. that’s me. yes again. ohmygosh, can she read my mind?!?’
For me, it’s taking completely meaningless photos, such as of a takeaway hot chocolate cup, and citing ‘for the blog’ as an excuse!

Quenching the Quill

  1. When you find yourself checking your notification every other hour and then when somebody follows your blog or comments, you look something like this…happy animated GIF
  2. Even when you are out on a holiday and taking a break, when you find something remotely cute and interesting and think ‘I simply have to blog about this’  and find yourself sharing your new laptop, complaining how the world is so unfair, and how the last book you read was just so darn awesome. 
  3. When your family members are fed up with you for the right reasons. Possibly for exclaiming 10 times a day ‘Aww…What a nice comment’ or ‘Hey, I got a new follow’ and ‘I simply HAVE to blog about this’ and most probably this ‘Hey sis…Can i have the laptop/computer now. Please, it’s urgent’ 😀 To which she goes… 
  4. When you are fretting over what people will think of your next post…

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