The Love List: Travel Essentials

Wow! I wrote this post about a month ago,  but thought I would publish it now…

{The Love List originated over at Ciao Bella! – thanks for the idea!}

As anybody who’s read, ooh, any of my last three or four posts would know, I’ve been abroad for pretty much the last three weeks (I’m actually writing this in a Spanish airport terminal – only three hours early for our flight!). I spent a week in Switzerland playing at the Montreux Jazz Festival, had the grand total of three nights at home before jumping onto a plane to Spain for two weeks, global jet setter that I am! (Or at least global coach-setter.)

As I now reckon I am a fully qualified veteran of 19-hour coach journeys and 10-hour travelling days, I thought I would do another Love List, based on travel essentials that I’ve found have come in handy over that last few weeks.

1. Headphone splitter
You know when it’s midnight, and you and your seat buddy are the only people awake on the coach, and you think they just have to hear that song you just downloaded last night? But you don’t want to share headphones and also don’t want to wake everyone up by playing it out loud? Enter, the headphone splitter! Mine is a cute purple owl (who you have to perform surgery on to reveal the headphone connector), that my mum brought back from Pisa last October,  just before I spent four days in Belgium with school. Its had less use recently,  but was absolute gold on that trip.


2. Sturogen travel tablets!
In the past, I have suffered from travel sickness on pretty much any form of transport (the first time I went on a plane, I was sick. I didn’t realise they provided sick bags. Needless to say, my mum ended up with an interesting hairpiece…). For ages, I’ve been switching between tablets, trying to find a brand thay didn’t make me feel sick just from smelling the tablet. I reckon I’m growing out of it now,  but Sturogen are amazing! Oh, and another of my friends who gets ill swears by sitting on newspaper. Thoughts, please?

3. Headphone winder
In my stocking this year, I got this bluey-green earbud winder from Marks & Spencer.  I have no idea if I’m using it correctly,  but it is probably one of the most used Christmas presents I’ve had. Headphone knots, be gone!

4. Brumisateur (Evian spray)
This is literally water in a spray can. I think it’s kinda meant to nourish your skin or something,  but we just nicked my friend’s to cool us down in the 28º Swiss heat. I have now managed to buy a pump-spray thing for 3€, which will hopefully have the same effect!

5. My mum’s e-reader
Multiple books, fraction of the weight.  Brilliant.

6. iPod (/generic mp3 device.  But who are we kidding,  it’s gonna be an iPod.)
What is travelling without music? Boredom. Preferably loaded up with Bastille,  Lauren Aquilina,  Sam Smith and several Now That’s What I Call Music! albums.

And that, ladies and gentlemen,  is my travel essentials list. Being me, and overthinking everything,  I do not travel with just the ‘essentials’ (I’m not convinced travelling light exists in my vocabulary), but these are definitely things that make travelling more bearable!

What do you regard as a travel essential?

An Overthinking Teenager

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