Artist Spotlight on Tracklisting Tuesdays: Ella Eyre

I’ve decide to put the spotlight on the brilliant Ella Eyre for today’s Tracklisting Tuesdays because I’m lucky enough to be going to see her on tour this October! I’m going with a friend (who blogs on beauty and baking over here, go check her out!), and we are sososososo excited! I first noticed her when she collaborated with Rudimental on Waiting All Night, and then again when she performed that with Bastille at the Brit Awards back in February, and when I heard her vocals on the two covers by Bastille, ‘Free’ and ‘No Scrubs’. I really liked her single ‘If I Go’, released a couple of months ago, and when I saw the video for her upcoming single ‘Comeback’, I fell in love with her music. I mean, it’s soul-pop, she has the coolest hair ever, and her music videos involve her smashing up a house to get revenge on a cheating boyfriend. Yes, Ella!

As well as ‘If I Go’, she’s released a debut EP titled ‘Deeper’. The music on this is slightly more laid back and chilled, and although I wasn’t as immediately hooked as I was for ‘If I Go’ and ‘Comeback’, the tracks are beginning to grow on me. As well as amazing musical talent, Ella seems to have an awesome personality, which makes her likeable, and feeds my love of her music. The fact that she’s accomplished so much at the tender age of 20 just shows how amazing her voice is. Follow Ella on Twitter @EllaEyre , check out the ‘Comeback’ video here, or check her out on SoundCloud here. But for now, I’ll leave you with the brilliant track and debut single that is ‘If I Go’.


What do you think of Ella Eyre, and who are you desperate to see on tour?

An Overthinking Teenager


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