100 Days of Happiness {day 19}: Timetables and Chick Flicks

On Saturday, after dropping our exchange student off at the airport, I was at a sleepover-hence the delayed post. This was my first sleepover in a looong time, and I was, probably understandably, a little nervous. Happily, it was brilliant – it was an early birthday party for a friend, and as a surprise, her mum had hired a bouncy castle assault course! This was the perfect chance to pretend we were seven again, and it was great fun. We also watched a predictable-but-brilliant film, Life As We Know It. It’s the kind of film where you can guess the plot from the blurb, but it was great fun to watch anyway. The birthday cake was a chocolate caterpillar, of which thee dog enjoyed the last two slices 🙂 whoops!

In the evening, we discovered our school timetables had been put online, ready for the start of school on Wednesday. I checked out my timetable, and happily discovered that I’m with one of my close friends for pretty much every class, and that our maths set don’t have the evil demon teacher we’re all terrified of. (OK, slight exaggeration perhaps-but she’s pretty scary!). Anyway, this good news made me happy, which I guess is why it’s featuring on here 🙂

Have you gone back to school yet, and have you got any teachers whom you’re particularly dreading?

An Overthinking Teenager


One thought on “100 Days of Happiness {day 19}: Timetables and Chick Flicks

  1. Evi @ Where Books Never End says:

    That sounds like great fun! I haven’t been in a bouncy house in ages.
    I actually went back to school 4 weeks ago, and I have this reading teacher who’s nice but odd. You know how in an average sentence you might use the conjunction “but”? She’ll cross it out, put “therefore”, and take points off. It’s kinda weird.


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