100 Days of Happiness {day 11}: One Proud Little Sister Over Here

Yep, right here ➡ :developer:

My sister got her GCSE results yesterday, and she rocked them. Like, absolutely smashed them. Whooooooooo go big sis! Being an awesome little sis, I made her a present 🙂 I won’t disclose too many details now, but I’m hoping to do a separate post on it. I mean, it was so awesome she sent a Snapchat to her friends saying ‘I love my sister’. If you know my sister, you will know that is very high praise indeed. Anyway, her happiness at receiving the present made me very happy. As a result of her working so hard, we got champagne (ick. And Buck’s Fizz isn’t much better) and Pepsi with tea.

(I’ve done todays 100 D of H in a post with yesterdays because a) I couldn’t be bothered yesterday, and b) they all kind of tie in).

Today was brilliant because, as my sister was out yesterday having a celebratory meal with her friends, we went out for a meal at our local Bill’s. The food was great, and because they messed up my mum’s risotto, she got given a free bottle of pink lemonade. Points for the lemonade, and points for making it non-alcoholic! I’m so proud of my sister, and feel so happy now we can relax safe in the knowledge she did so well!

Have you ever been to Bill’s, and what’s your favourite restaurant?

An Overthinking Teenager


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