Tracklisting Tuesdays: What I’m Loving

At the moment, I’m loving so many different tracks I’m finding it impossible to pick  just one. I feel an Amazon MP3 Store spree coming on…

Here’s a roundup of the current playlist in my brain!

  1. Rude-Magic!

This is brilliant! Laid-back, but singalong material too. The first time I heard it, I didn’t get the fuss, but after the second play I was hooked…

2. Love Runs Out – OneRepublic

The latest single since my last obsession Counting Stars, it makes sense that this guaranteed itself a place on loop in my head so quickly…

3. Come Over – Clean Bandit feat. Stylo G

Clean Bandit’s quirky, strings-infused tracks with guest vocalists are fast becoming a favourite – whilst previous singles “My Love” (with Route 94) and “Rather Be” (with Jess Glynne) took  a while to grow on me, this was an instant summer hit in my books.

4. Bad_News – Bastille (underscore not obligatory!)

{see how much self-restraint I have, leaving this until number four?!?}

New Bastille. Premiered last week. Quite different to their last album, with a more electronic sound that’s heard more in the mixtapes and the second part of their deluxe album, All This Bad Blood. Still has catchy choruses and brilliant lyrics, still love it.

5. Prayer in C- Lilly Wood & The Prick {Robin Schulz Radio Edit}

This remix by the producer that brought us ‘Waves’, features stuck-in-the-head lyrics and the most addictive rhythm. Two plays on the radio and it’s cemented in my head.

6. Shake It Off – Taylor Swift

Woah. Taylor Swift raps now? Apparently so. I actually quite like this; I didn’t mind Taylor before, but found the repetition of love and heartbreak in her song tiresome. Therefore, I love the fact that she’s taking a completely different direction with her new, entirely pop-based, album 1989. I think the message of this song is great, and the video brilliant. Enjoy!

Phew! Whistlestop tour of my inner radio complete, ladies and gentlemen! What are your thoughts on the above?


An Overthinking Teenager


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