100 Days of Happiness: Do You Want To Bake A Cake?

Or an apple loaf, to be precise.

Yesterday was brilliant; after four hours in work (3 hours=writing blog posts and playing on my phone, 1 hour=working), I got a lift 75% of the way home (wooo! No 2-mile walk!), I attempted to make an apple loaf. It tastes good…if not that apple-y!

Later that evening I went with my dad and sister to a cricket match and barbecue organised by a bunch of my dad’s friends. My sister played, and bowled out a fully-grown man (who then walked off to the gleeful chants of “he got bowled by a girl! He got bowled by a girl!”. The barbecue was delicious (if potentially food poisoning inducing) and it didn’t rain. Definitely an English experience!

What was your last baking experiment?

An Overthinking Teenager

One thought on “100 Days of Happiness: Do You Want To Bake A Cake?

  1. summersurprises says:

    I absolutely love baking cakes, but for some reason I can only ever manage to make a good one when I’ve used the most tiresome, time-consuming method that has been strung together by combining about 5 different recipes into one! I actually used to decorate and sell them too but now I just stick to baking them for home. The last I baked was a fresh cream and fruit cake for my sister’s registration. I ordered one of those photos printed on rice paper but for some reason it creased a lot and gave my sister and her husband quite a bit of premature wrinkling! Still tasted delicious though and that’s the main thing! 😀
    Your apple loaf looks lovely! I’ve never actually heard one of it before but I might give it a try! 🙂


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