Cloudy Lemonade For A Not-So-Sunny Day!

Yesterday,  pretty randomly I decided I wanted to make lemonade. I originally wanted to make it as a crushed ice drink, to use up a load of leftover ice we have in the freezer,  but my mum was paranoid I would break her new blender and so wouldn’t let me crush it on my own. :(. So I settled for normal lemonade…I bought the lemons yesterday and made it today!
My ‘recipe’ is adapted from Nigella Lawson’s “Cloudy Lemonade For A Sunny Day”. Unfortunately, as I was making it, someone up in the clouds decided they really needed the toilet. Sigh. Anyway,  the recipe called for ‘two unwaxed lemons cut into eighths’. I have no clue how to ‘unwax’ lemons, so just used a manual juicer to get all the juice out. Recipe deviation number one. I then poured the juice into a bigger bowl, added four tablespoons of caster sugar and a litre of chilled water (it was supposed to be fizzy water, but I didn’t have any). I stuck the mixture through a sieve a couple of times and attempted to shake it up a bit, before pouring it into a jug. Voilà! I then added some mint from the garden and some ice cubes to my glass. It, despite my decidedly slapdash methods, actually tastes OK!







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