100 Days of Happiness: Lemonade and Exercise!

Today, I got to make lemonade,  something I haven’t done for several years, but, despite my questionable following of the recipe, it actually turned out OK! Check out my last post for more detailed ramblings 🙂

I also went – shock horror – for a run! (Well, run/walk. Stamina builds up over time!). Normally,  exercise wise, I prefer to stick with dancing games on our Xbox Kinect, cycling,  swimming or playing hockey, but today I felt like something different…I’ve been meaning to go for a run for a little while now, but was too nervous to go on my own. Today, however, I really wanted to go and my sister had no inclination whatsoever to join me, so I went alone. It was quite nice, actually – I enjoyed being alone, and having complete control of where I was going, and the sense of achievement I felt when I got back after half an hour or so was brilliant.
I did download an app to track how far I was going, but unfortunately I was so wrapped up in making sure my earbuds were sorted out that I completely forgot to press Start. Whoops!!! Going for a run also meant trying out my super awesome new trainers which are, for the record,  incredibly comfortable. And awesomely pink.


See what I meant about awesome and pink?!?

I am also about to sit down and watch the Great British Bake Off, with a mug of hot chocolate and marshmallows to celebrate Left Handers’ Day  on behalf of my leftie/ambidextrous sister(no, I don’t get it either but that was my mum’s reasoning to let us have it, and I’m certainly not complaining!), having finished Rainbow Rowell’s book Attachments. Bliss. Oh, and I just finished a bowl of cheese and onion crisps. Yay!


6 thoughts on “100 Days of Happiness: Lemonade and Exercise!

  1. summersurprises says:

    I know exactly what you mean about enjoying being alone. It’s something I’ve been trying to do a lot lately too and I finally went and watched my first movie alone at the cinema, definitely a great experience that makes you feel so independent and confident!
    P.S. I absolutely LOVE your trainers, the pink is most definitely awesome 🙂
    P.P.S. The Great British Bake Off eek eek!! We just watched it too and I had forgotten how much I had missed it haha 🙂


      • summersurprises says:

        I agree! I knew that the guy who went was going to go but both me and my brother really thought it should have been the guy with the long hair! If he doesn’t leave soon I feel he’ll fluke his way right to the end! I really like the guy with the massive beard, even though he didn’t do that well this episode, he’s from Scotland right? I keep thinking that all he needs to do is shave and he’ll do amazing for some reason ha! 😀


        • rainbowcakesandrockyroad says:

          Haha I actually liked the guy who went! Something about the guy with long hair just creeps me out *shudder*. I think he should have gone, or the older woman (who I like but just wasn’t that good). Personally, though, I’m rooting for Martha, cause she’s so young but just as good as the rest! Looking forward to the next one on Wednesday (:


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