The Pleasures of a Good Library

I prefer libraries, because it means I can get out so many books without worrying about the cost. How about you?

Twist in the Taile


If you go into Waterstones and buy a book, you will probably come out with a plastic bag that reads ‘Words cannot do justice to the pleasures of a good bookshop. Ironically.’  Now, I really do like bookshops, but I think I need to put a word in for the libraries of this world as well.

In a library, there is far less pressure than a bookshop. You can get out any book that you want, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t read it or like it. You can sit on the floor or a bench and read through the entire book if you want, which is something that you certainly can’t do in a bookshop.

Our library has just installed some self-checkout machines like the ones in supermarkets but with books instead, and no bagging area. They are very useful, because it means I can get out…

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