100 Days of Happiness, Day 1{Take 2}: Parties and Pancakes

{for a quick explanation of why I’ve restarted my 100 days, look here}

So yesterday (but technically continuing into this morning), was my dad’s fiftieth birthday party, which we’ve been preparing for for aaages. It was awesome…I saw loads of people I haven’t seen for ages (and pretended I knew some I’d barely ever seen!), ate waaay too much cake/mini eclairs and dissected/insulted MTV’s top 100 cheesiest music videos. Bliss!

Yesterday (whoops, this is supposed to be about today, but oh well…) I had my first day at work, waitressing…yay, I’m rich! (kinda). That gave me a great sense of achievement, so it definitely qualifies as part of my day of happiness!

Today, I had breakfast(/lunch, as it was at 11:30!) at the local pub with my family and non-religious-godmother, where I had American-style pancakes with maple syrup, a blueberry smoothie and a cup of tea. Very British! (if you ignore the pancakes!). It was really nice to see my non-religious-godmother, for the first time in multiple years!

So that was what made me happy today…how about you?

An Overthinking Teenager


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