100 Days of Happiness {day 6} – Let’s Be Social!

Today I met up  with two friends; with the first I went for lunch and shopping (for which I was late, as my watch was running 25 minutes slow!). With the second I watched the truly amazing film adaptation of ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ ~(check out my book review here)~ cue feels, tears, more feels, even more tears. Literally the first time I’ve fully understood the term ‘feels’.

I also did some party preparation; it’s my dad’s 50th birthday partaaay this weekend, and we’ve borrowed a (fairly manky and unhygienic) freezer for ice creams. Me, being at home and being the most willing volunteer, gingerly attacked it with a bottle of Cif and a beige soon-turned-brown cleaning cloth. After truly dancing like nobody’s watching to Kaiser Chiefs ‘Never Miss A Beat’ and Blur ‘Parklife’, it almost became enjoyable! Certainly a feeling of accomplishment comparing before and after pictures!

An Overthinking Teenager



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